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Source of Galactica Figure Errors Revealed!

Posted in Personal by Will on Friday, May 25th, 2007 ~ 5pm

Me and other Battlestar Galactica fans are practically starting a rebellion (pardon the Star Wars reference on this anniversary of Star Wars day) against the way the upcoming Galactica figures look.

We’ve figured out why they look kinda right and yet really wrong — we’ve discovered that they used the season 3 publicity pics, and probably nothing more, when they sculpted these. I uncovered the top image, and the second image is the work of a fellow poster on the Art Asylum boards:

Helo (below), the worst sculpt of the first wave:

The Chief (below) doesn’t look bad, though fans including myself object to their slimming him down (as if being slightly overweight was something to be ashamed of), but this pic is important in that it reveals that they again used the season 3 pics as reference:

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