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Trip to plan

Posted in Personal by Will on Sunday, June 17th, 2007 ~ 4pm

I drink Grapefruit Izze’s all the time for lunch. Today at Whole Foods a clerk dropped a cold one onto the floor and gave it to me for free, due to the fizziness.

I am supposed to visit my parents (and hopefully K2) in Massachusetts sometime now that they are back from a European cruise. So today I did the first step, which was to buy an extra cannister of chocolate-peanut-butter protein powder, which I will mail to their home for my later use. Of course they don’t have a blender, but, when last I lived there they did have an egg beater. My parents aren’t exactly on the cutting edge of technology.

Next, I’ll have to figure out what my work schedule is like for the next couple months — I know there is a trade show coming up sometime next month which I am supposedly in charge of organizing, so I have to pick a time either safely before or safely after that.

I really hate traveling. I’ve put this visit off. I said originally I’d visit around April. Their trip to Europe bought me some time and I was grateful. Maybe it is the air conditioning that I hate the most about air travel. Maybe the lack of food. The inability to go to the bathroom when you wish to. The driving to and from the airport. The exercise of carrying a suitcase when you have not eaten and are already dizzy from lack thereof. Maybe all of these things.

But if I ever get there, I do want to visit K, who by the time I get there will probably have already had her baby.

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