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Blade Runner: The Final Cut

Posted in Personal by Will on Thursday, June 21st, 2007 ~ 12am

They showed the preview for Blade Runner: The Final Cut during tonight’s 3 hour film retrospectacle. I didn’t see it live but someone upped it as an avi file to these storage units:
Sendspace, size 15,2Mb (Resolution: 768×320)
Speedyshare.com, size 15,2Mb (Resolution: 768×320)
Megaupload, size 15,2Mb (Resolution: 768×320)
Download, size 8,92Mb (Xvid Format, Resolution: 768×320)

It has also turned up on YouTube all tinyfied, but the studio keeps getting it taken down. The audio is out of sync but no matter — this is going to be epic.

It’s like a dream come true, delivered via a unicorn being ridden by Charles de Lauzirika. (de Lauzirika is the person behind this whole effort to bring director Ridley Scott’s original vision to life. He’s a lifelong Blade Runner fan who joined Ridley’s company with the hope that he would someday have the opportunity to see this through).

Addendum: Here is one of the revised shots. In the original film, the stunt person for Zhora was easily recognized as being a different person. They brought back the original actress to refilm her face. The quality of the comparison is low but check it out anyway:

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