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World Wart VI: The Last(?) Crusade

Posted in Personal by Will on Sunday, June 24th, 2007 ~ 2am

This is something I am amazed to report. My toe is starting to do really good. I think my body has finally recognized the mosaic planar wart on my little toe as an invader, and is killing it. There is natural skin where once there was wart, and where there is wart, there are what look like dark little bruises of dead wart tissue.

The daily (sometimes twice daily) topical application of the natural herb remedy “Wart Wonder” under a bandage is doing a phenomenal job of getting the outer layers of the skin to flake off (well, the Wart Wonder liquid saturates the skin and then every couple of days I rub the saturated skin off by lightly rubbing scissors across it — and then furiously washing the scissors in the sink with the hope I’ll soon be able to throw them and their germs away). And then I augment this by freezing the wart skin that remains stuck to my good skin. All I know is that good flesh is starting to appear underneath the wart flesh, and the wart flesh is starting to come off and stay off.

I am amazed. If I die in a plane crash on my way to visiting my parents it will be really a shame, because look, wart almost healed!

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