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Butterfly kisses

Posted in Personal by Will on Thursday, June 28th, 2007 ~ 4am

There’s something pleasant about waking up and realizing that a feeling that was within you as you slept has carried forward into consciousness, and that the feeling is that you (I mean I) want to be making love. And by “making love” I really mean romantically, not just fucking. This wasn’t a biological feeling, this was emotional. Feeling like your sex would also be expressing love, that’s nice. It felt rare. I guess the reason it felt rare is because usually one wants to make love (not just fuck) when one is in love with someone, and at the moment I am not with anyone. I am single, so I have no one to dream about love with. Of course I can think about having sex with people I am not in love with, I assume everyone does. Sex for the sake of satisfying the biological drive we all feel, that makes us want to fuck and be kinky while we’re at it (so we can at least claim some originality as we submit ourselves to an innate drive over which we have no say), can be had when one is simply on good terms with someone. But the less common feeling of feeling sex that would also express love, that was nice to have a sense of, tonight.

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