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Hunting Rhinos

Posted in Personal by Will on Monday, July 2nd, 2007 ~ 5pm

I’m on a roll in terms of getting what I want! I wrote a few weeks ago about how David Bowie’s scarce Buddha of Suburbia CD was being re-released, and now just last week I was saying to myself how I wish I’d bought the Rhino reissues of Robyn Hitcock’s albums, and now…

“Jewels for Sophia and Storefront Hitchcock just got reissued a few weeks ago. But the great news is that all those albums that were last reissued by Rhino (and now long out of print) will all be released by Yep Roc as 2xCD sets. If you picked up any of the Billy Bragg reissues, you have an idea how great these will be. I believe October is the date of the first wave of titles.”

Just last week I started hunting down the Rhinos on ebay. Fortunately I haven’t won anything yet!

So who is reading my mind? I mean what else in the way of albums needing reissue can I summon up here? Anyway want something reissued? Tell me what it is and give me a dollar and I’ll think about it for a couple days. Results not guaranteed.

Photo: Robyn Hitchcock plays for a couple busloads of fans in 1996

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