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Clever title referencing Robyn Hitchcock to be added later

Posted in Personal by Will on Tuesday, July 3rd, 2007 ~ 3pm

Interesting how the reissue of an album can bring back parts of the past. I was searching the net for more info on the Robyn Hitchcock reissues I mentioned a couple days ago, and I came across an interview with Robyn by Dennis Cook.

“I knew a Dennis Cook back in college who was a big Robyn fan!” I exclaimed to myself, wondering if my level of suspicion that this was the same Cook matched or exceeded the probability.

And thus began my putting the pieces together in the span of 6 or 7 minutes: finding this Dennis Cook’s website, finding some suggestive references to various geography and career choices that made sense (but were not necessarily conclusive), and then a tiny, really tiny photo where you can almost see his face. And I think it is him. I sent off an email before I found the pic, but now that I’ve seen the pic I am confident that he is the same Dennis Cook who introduced me to Robyn Hitchcock back when I was a student. I am also curious about finding out whatever happened to C., who loved Blade Runner as I did, and who Dennis went out and lived with (but did not marry, according to his website). I lost track of her mainly on account of my not knowing her last name (and I left that school early).

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