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Middle Earth

Posted in Personal by Will on Wednesday, December 29th, 2004 ~ 10am

I know there’s a great disaster unfolding in India now but nonetheless here’s my blog about the Lord of the Rings. I just finished watching the extended version of the 3rd movie, the Return of the King, and that, coming about a week after watching the extended version of the 2nd movie (and a year after the first movie), means I can now form an opinion of this series.

The elaborate world of Middle Earth made little sense, and I’m not just talking about how in Middle Earth all mountains and volcanos and such come with doorways. No, the part that made the least sense which needed to make the most sense was the question of why the Flaming Eyeball wanted the ring. The Flaming Eyeball clearly did not need the ring to raise huge armies that could crush pretty much any kingdom, any fortress, that it wanted to. So I’m not quite sure what it wanted the ring for. Maybe this was explained in the books. But in the film, the ring was pretty much irrelevant. Yet that poor hobbit spent six hours trying to destroy the darn thing.

Lastly, the elves are kind of problematic. Back in the first film they start talking about how they’ve got to leave this world. And they repeat it again in the second film. And by the third film they’re still around. Maybe I misheard them.

I’ll come back to this one…

…Ok, a day has passed.

I’ll tell you one thing I really liked about the film series, or the second film especially. The Smeigel/Gollum conversations-with-himself thing.

In fact today as I was pulling down my Cheerios box from the top of the ‘fridge I realized it was a little light, a bit too close to empty. And I start saying “Oh, my Precious Cheerios! Don’t be gone, must have my precious Cheerios.” I then tried a few different inflections to see if he ended his words on upnotes rather than down. Then as I was headed for the milk I switch over to some Robyn Hitchcock lyrics from Queen Elvis. “Give an inch and take an inch and what you got is where you were… the universe is based on sullen entropy…” Or was it “where you’ve got is where you were?”As I’m rumaging for the almond milk and I’m having trouble remembering the exact lyrics so I’m repeating them a bit in variations. Not so much in Gollum’s voice anymore thank goodness, but loud enough to attract the interest of my housemate, who I finally notice is calling out to me from her room. She’s wondering if I’m having a stroke or something, and sharing this concern with her girlfriend on the other end of her cellphone headset. Woken out of my reverie, I assure her I’m fine, I’m not having a stroke. I was just thinking about the way Gollum talked to himself.

But I seem to have taken it a bit far. I’m pretty sure I’ve not just had a stroke. I think it is just that I am really tired, my third day of a bad cold and lots of labor of the manual kind. But I am amazed by the kind of reverie one can enter into when one starts talking out loud to onesself.

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