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While I was away

Posted in Personal by Will on Thursday, July 19th, 2007 ~ 7pm

I am back.

While I was gone, the stock market went up, Dead Like Me got a new direct-to-video movie (and possible new series), and even Farscape got promised a series of “webisodes”… It all seemed a bit fantastic.

I don’t have pictures of my parents back yet (they are being emailed to me by a friend of the family, who has not emailed them yet).

Most of what I did while I was at my parents’ was to rearrange my stored items in my former room, as so:

Yes, I am in my upper 30s, but they’ve been kind enough to hold onto these things until I find me a woman and settle down. The white storage boxes were from when I left last time, so I can’t take credit for those again. (They contain coffee table books, books, and action figures — mostly action figures, including some doubles and triples I could probably get rid of). But I did reduce the bulk of other boxes to about 2/3rds of what I had left there. I must have left there in a hurry last time because the room was almost unnavigable when I arrived. I ended up throwing away almost all my DVD cases. The guitar? Yeah that’s just for scale. The only thing I can play on it is an opening riff to one song, and I don’t remember which song.

Here’s a closeup of the shelf, with my old Xena figures and a cardboard cut-out of San Francisco that I got from a Time magazine when I was a child, when that insurance building was new or was being promoted or something (it is just behind Callisto, the psychopathic blond woman). I’ve always respected the philosophies of that town, though I’ve never lived there. Too hilly.

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