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Adam Homan Sculptures in Downtown Boulder

Posted in Personal by Will on Saturday, July 21st, 2007 ~ 3pm

If you can, get to Pearl Street today — the entire area is taken over by paintings and sculptures. The booth I want to direct your attention to is at about 14th & Pearl.

Adam Homan’s metal sculptures are amazing. Reminiscent of Jim Henson’s best work in Labyrinth, except hewn from metal, his fantasy creatures include both humans and animals (including dragons). Many of their eyes are illuminated with piercing color irises, and I overheard him explain that they are not battery powered, but rather there are exposed fiber optic cords which channel the ambient light to the eyes. Many of the human characters are captured in movement, with a sword passing through the air or other similar graceful movement.

I am not normally a fan of dragons and other renaissance fare (except for the people of), but these transcend the genre since they also look like robots — an early world made new.

He also makes what he calls “drunken droids” — robots who appear to be drinking wine, serving to hold your bottles.

Check it out in person on Sat or Sun. The pictures on his website don’t do justice to the characters.

Event details:
Boulder, CO
Downtown Boulder ArtFair
July 21-22
Pearl Street from 9th to 15th

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