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The Roar of the Air Conditioning

Posted in Personal by Will on Sunday, July 22nd, 2007 ~ 11am

My parents do not have central air conditioning, so while I was visiting I was surviving in 84 degreee (interior) temperatures — and although it initially felt disturbing I soon grew used to it. A fan worked just fine for local cooling.

Now that I am back in Boulder I am protesting my housemate’s constant use of central air conditioning by leaving my window open (and my door shut), thus blocking out the upper-60s temperature that he has become dependent on. Unfortunately the mammoth air conditioning unit sits on our back lawn just outside my window, so the trade-off for normal temperatures is the buzz and roar of an ancient piece of machinery.

I thought about building some kind of sound proof wall around the unit, but it doesn’t look possible or practical. I thought perhaps some open-slated fencing might cut the sound by an appreciable fraction (the fraction where the sound waves collide with the slats).

I am pretty sure the reason why my housemate feels he needs cold air conditioning is because he has halogen lights in his room and the steady output of heat from a few computers. That, and he lived in a trailer park as a youth so he’s probably over-compensating. But this isn’t Texas, you don’t need air conditioning when it is only in the low to mid eighties. You don’t need to shiver with cold during the summer. You don’t need to wear sweaters and long pants to be comfortable.

In the upper 80s, yes, even I will turn on my air conditioning vents then. Or to cool the room off before sleep. But running all day and night, when it is not even really hot out? Ok, granted, today turned out to be hot, but it wasn’t at 11am when he turned the air conditioning on.

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