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Family photos

Posted in Personal by Will on Sunday, July 22nd, 2007 ~ 10pm

Oh my f’cking God. I am trying not to become unduly angry about a set of very good photos of me with my parents that have just been sent to me as small gif images rather than as print-quality photos at the original 7MP size in their original RAW or TIF or high-quality JPG format they started as.

I am hoping that the photographer has not erased the original files. If he has, I am going to f’cking kick his f’cking ass. First, gif is not a format for photographs, it is for line art and logos under 256 colors. That’s why when you zoom in you see dots — because gif is not meant for photographs with millions of colors. Second, resizing a photo down to an on-screen resolution is only done for photos that people plan on viewing on their computer screen, it is never something done for photos that are meant to wind up in a photo album or on a wall. This is elemental photography information here, this is not something new.

How could a person take family photos and then deliver them in such an abused way? It’s like a slap in the face.

…This is obviously another in my series of being galled by people going “below and beyond” what they should do. Last week, before my trip, I literally yelled out to the office that I could not believe how incompetent people are, when a t-shirt company that we had provided art to had some incredibly newbie problems. It was like a day before I was to leave, and I couldn’t spend another minute trying to bring idiots up to speed. So I just shouted out loud that everyone who we trust to do a good job was f’cking incompetent. Not everyone in the office — just those who we depend upon when we outsource a task. They not only rarely do a good job, they seem all too often to lack even the most basic knowledge to even do an adequate job. It is as if expertise is vanishing.

If someone were to have videorecorded my yelling at the office last week and played it back to me, it would have seemed new to me upon watching it, because I was literally in a different state of consciousness. I was beyond logic and patience, and into the state of being absolutely stunned.

I am of course passive aggressive. I’ll swear up a blue streak in relative privacy, but in person (with the person at fault) I’d hardly even convey annoyance, and probably even say I am to blame (lying to protect them).

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