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Laser electrolysis in Boulder

Posted in Personal by Will on Tuesday, July 31st, 2007 ~ 3pm

Anyone know of a laser electrolysis place in Boulder? I’d planned to go to Barris Laser at 13th & Pearl, but I just went in to get a business card and the entire floor of the building is being recarpeted — it stinks of that rubber cement smell that freaks me out. So they’re not an option.

Anyone heard of “Boulder Electrology Laboratory”? 2040 30th St Ste F Boulder, CO 80301? I am suspicious of any place that does not have a website, but, choices are limited.

Update: I went by Barris again today (I work nearby) and the carpet people were gone, and they seem to have stopped at a hallway that is sealed off by a glass door. So as long as they do not return and do the lobby, and as long as that door stays closed, the air is ok.

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