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Blade Runner: The Final Cut available on Amazon.com now

Posted in Personal by Will on Tuesday, July 31st, 2007 ~ 8pm

As you may have heard, there are several configurations of Ridley Scott’s acclaimed Blade Runner coming out on dvd in December.

There’s a 4 dvd “Collector’s Edition”
(above) which includes the new “Final Cut” of the film that was completed this year, and the original theatrical version (and the international version, which is essentially the same as the original theatrical version).

Even better, there’s a 5 dvd “Ultimate Collector’s Edition”
(above) with every version of the film including the unfinished “workprint” with an exclusive commentary track. And an origami unicorn and a silly plastic briefcase.

A very basic 2 dvd “Special Edition” (not pictured) is also being issued, but it has only the new “Final Cut” of the film, and little else.

And then in addition to all those, a 5 disc version will be available on BluRay too, with or without the suitcase (I linked that to the version without the suitcase).

This news is everywhere, I don’t know why I am bothering to repeat it here. I guess because I’ve been waiting for this for so many years, it seems like it is appropriate to make sure every last person on earth knows.

Please, no one buy me any of these, because I’ve already preordered.

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