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Dream (don't read, it's just to myself)

Posted in Personal by Will on Monday, January 10th, 2005 ~ 12pm

My weird dream last night (you can stop reading now if you hate hearing other people’s dreams) involved singer/songwriter/icy temptress Sam Phillips hijaking a school bus on which I and other people my age were on. We seemed to know her, so it was more of a person on an ego trip (literally) than anything sininster. Nonetheless it was a bit scary since we didn’t know where she was taking us. The bus left Somerville, Massachusetts (which I recognized by the 7-11s and cheap architecture, headed out to the piers (I don’t think somerville has piers in real life), and went up a bridge that went over the water to a whole ‘nother island, which I felt was Bainbridge Island Washington. It was night at this point and everyone was either going to have to crash at one of our apartments (where there’d be too many people to sleep comfortably), or we were going straight to some party, where I was both afraid and interested in the prospect of getting to dance with Sam. A bit later it turned into a situation where two women I liked would be at the party, Sam and an actress. I spoke with the actress outside Toronto city hall, I believe. She was more accessible than Sam but we shared a less deep connection – fellow soldiers in a sense but not a unit (hey good use of military metaphor there). I think people ended up crashing at an apartment (seemed to be back in Somerville despite the progression of the dream to Bainbridge Island), and an old associate banged on the window to get my attentioin to give me a “thumbs up” on an article I’d written which – in this dream – appeared in a local newspaper.

This dream is so obvious to me now that I typed it. Leaving the “pier in Somerville” is a reference to my job which was for a long time called PEER, and which was until recently in Somerville. Pier in Somerville = PEER in Somerville. The whole bridge/travelling thing is self explanatory, and the island of Bainbridge Island in Washington makes sense since I’ve been talking about checking out the Pacific Northwest if it comes time to find a new place to move to. Sam Phillips as bus hijaker, I suppose that’s basically the concept of whether to consumate this plan, and also recognizing that due to very real circumstances in my life I am in a real way being forced into this plan. I am both desirous of this plan (Sam Phillips) and afraid of it (my not having control in this scenario). The other woman, the actress, was almost certainly representing movies (DVDs), since the woman was an actress and we were at Toronto city Hall (where much of the action of a movie I watched recently was set — see RE2 review below), and therefore it means that movies aren’t as deep a connection as real life. Whis is obvious but hey, it’s a dream, conveying info as best it can.

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