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Posted in Personal by Will on Monday, August 6th, 2007 ~ 12am

So the flame war over the extras on the upcoming set of Blade Runner have peaked, and with the peaking, have pretty much ended since sides are clearly drawn.

After it was announced that due to time constraints in pressing the discs, the “extras” on the Blade Runner set would be presented in standard-definition rather than in high-definition (on the high-definition release), one side came down on the side of “not caring”. In brief, this side proclaimed that they don’t give a crap about documentaries or interviews or behind-the-scenes material of even a historic film like Blade Runner, and that because they do not care, these extras could therefore be presented in low-res. The other side, my side — the “caring” side — noted that the producer of the set (Charles de Lauzirika and his colleagues at Ridley Scott’s company) produced the extras in high-definition because they felt they were important enough to produce in high-definition, and that to have them presented as less than their optimal definition was surely a disappointment.

My salient points (quoting myself):

“I feel sympathy for everyone involved in the production who must be a little sad about having their work put out in regular def even though they finished it in high def.”

“The preservation of detail and nuance is something I care about, because it honors someone’s original efforts. Reducing detail dishonors someone’s original efforts. I realize that some people simply do not care. But I do not think that ‘not caring’ is a good argument.”

And finally today, in anger at more of the “not caring” crowd piling on about how they don’t care, I restated: “Not caring is not a good argument. You are disrespectful of people’s efforts. Shame on you.”

Which will no doubt be answered in the form of “we don’t care that we are disrespectful, la la la la la”. So, the argument is over, the people who do not care cannot be made to care, and the people who do care, are right.

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