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Posted in Personal by Will on Tuesday, August 7th, 2007 ~ 2am

I saw my first lightning-striking-the-plains today as I was driving from North Boulder to mid-Boulder. You can see the plains far ahead when you are driving this way because North Boulder is a little bit higher than the rest of Boulder. And I saw a bolt strike the ground and a flat cover of clouds turned yellow as it did. It was interesting the way the clouds lit up yellow and revealed themselves to be seemingly so low, and clearly defined as parallel to the ground, whereas without the lightning flash illuminating them they just looked like a vague grey mist from the ground on up to forever. Anyway, that’s one more weather phenomenon down.

Everyone at work is still away at the trade show so I was able to arrive very late for work, but the lack of employees has not left me feeling relaxed as I’d really expected it would. Despite my not feeling relieved, I did go to Barts and found a couple used cds that I’d been hoping to find used. That was nice. I don’t usually get to shop when I am working even though I am right there on Pearl.

But despite these minor nice things, I have been feeling kind of soul-less lately. I am not depressed. I just feel sort of …dry. Like something essential has evaporated. So I am hoping for some spiritual condensation, if that is what my problem is. Setting the leaves out, come on spirit, condensate!

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