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Posted in Dream by Will on Friday, August 17th, 2007 ~ 12pm

Awesome dream last night. I’d met and hit it off with a short-haired woman who looked a lot like a younger version of Jane Wiedlin (Jane Wiedlin was the cute one from the Go-Gos, who also appeared as Joan of Arc in Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure). In the dream we’d first met a couple days before, and she’d sent me a note to meet her at her house. As this dream started I’d arrived at her place, which appeared to be in the Napa Valley area of California, and which overlooked a pool. She had a bruise across her upper chest and I asked her to be honest with me about how she got it, and not to be hesitant in telling me if her concern was that we were only newly acquainted.

So she said yes, she’d tell me, and she explained that she got into a boxing fight of some sort with a female neighbor and that by the time they’d gotten the fight out of their systems they had a torrid night together. That was fine with me I said, she was a remarkable person and I was just glad she was good. She invited me to follow a similar route as her neighbor, albeit without the fighting, and I tried to say I would but I was understandably nervous. I noticed that the house was rather large and she explained that her husband lived in the far side, but that he was accepting of her having relationships because he was a bit older and had other interests, and basically just didn’t mind.

Her husband in this dream turned out to be Gary Graham, the actor who played Sykes on Alien Nation. And he was indeed very cool about everything. He came out when the sound of an owl by the front door got his attention, and he was social. As I was leaving, he was outside working on some sort of porch seats suspended by ropes from the many small trees that lined their front walkway (a sort of rural path, again, very Napa), and he learned I believed in chakras and stuff like that and he was pleased to hear it. He probably knew more than I, having about 20 years on me.

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