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Do you believe in God? Why or Why Not?

Posted in Personal by Will on Tuesday, August 21st, 2007 ~ 11pm

“Do you believe in God? Why or Why not?”

Not so much in God per se, as much as in the concept that all life has within it a piece of living spirit, and back when we were all a singularity we were all part of it, unified, and we all sort of miss that sense of unity we once had. So I think the craving to connect with God is real, and it sometimes guides us because we feel sentimental for it — it gives rise to empathy and a range of other emotions and codes of conduct — but it may be based in something more to do with physics than with a guy with a white beard.

“Do you believe in free will? Why or Why not?”

Yes. If we didn’t have free will there’d be no need for us to think, and yet we developed the ability to think, because we found that thought (and intuition) led us to take actions that could change the course of our lives. If those courses were “destiny”, we still took an active part in making that destiny happen. Things don’t just fall into your lap. You have to express that you want them, you have to take action.

That’s not to say that there may not be other factors beyond free will! Many other factors may be at work, who knows. But free will is part of how we respond to all the factors.

-Will (housemate Will)

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