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Goldfrapp sale, maybe

Posted in Personal by Will on Thursday, August 30th, 2007 ~ 12am

This is almost certainly a mislisting, and they are not in stock so chances are these orders will never be honored, but, if you like Goldfrapp, two of their live concert CDs are for sale at deepdiscount.com for under $14 each, free shipping. I’ve seen them sold elsewhere for between $20 to $30 each. Goldfrapp: Live: Brighton Dome 10-03-2005, Goldfrapp: Live: Manchester Academy 10-08-2005

I placed an order for the one I don’t have, but, as I say. FYI – the Brighton Dome 10-03-2005 is excellent, and includes one song not played for the rest of the tour (Lovely 2 CU).

This message is unlikely to reach any fans here but I don’t feel like looking for a Goldfrapp blog to mention this on.

Update: It shipped!

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