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Cafe M Leaves Good Memories

Posted in Personal by Will on Thursday, August 30th, 2007 ~ 4pm

Cafe M closes today, and I am sorry to not be there for a final peanut butter chocolate smoothie, but I did have one yesterday and I waved to the owner from the sidewalk as I walked past Cafe M on my way home after work — so that counts as my farewell. It used to be called Travelers, but a year ago a new guy bought it and turned it into Cafe M, with better furniture and the same nice service. I had many smoothies there, and some of my best escapes from work involved meeting my friend there for a bite. The owner sold it to a woman who will be turning it into a bakery or pastry shop.

Also on 14th street, and also closing, is that General Store next to the theatre, which was the only place I know of on Pearl Street that had Odwalla. I need another source now.

I’m taking today and Friday off because I have been so frazzled that work was becoming problematic. I woke up today at around 2pm, ate some cereal, and then went to bed again. Getting up now. It will be a few days before I am rested again. I dreamed last night that a young girl-child prophet in black told me I was going to break my neck. Not nice. Probably just based on my neck being sore for the past couple days. But yikes, that’s not a nice dream. I’m going to a birthday party tonight.

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