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Same boat

Posted in Personal by Will on Sunday, September 2nd, 2007 ~ 2am

Did I mention I’m on a vacation? I guess everyone is taking Monday off but mine started on Thursday. I’ve been on vacation for three days now. And I fear I may go this entire vacation unlaid. Not that that would be different than when I am working. But it bothers me more when I am on vacation. I can think of three people who other people might think I could possibly sleep with. One of them I would, one of them I might but probably wouldn’t due to a large difference in experience, and one of them isn’t compatible in that way (not that she’s missing any parts). And then there’s one who I can’t with, and there’s one who I can’t with because she is too far away (which makes me sad). And I’m leaving some out just to keep things vague. And I hardly know anyone.

And frankly I’m not even that much of a fan of fucking, the pressure to be some kind of fuck-god is just too high for mere male mortals. I like the thrill of being with someone naked more than the fucking itself. Perhaps that’s selfish. But, aside from loving someone, when intercourse is the culmination or the ultimate act of union, then I’d rather be with someone who got off as much on the mental thrill of being with someone or on whatever other sexual interests one has, than on fucking. How many times do I have to write “fucking” before this blog entry isn’t syndicated?

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