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My Amazon.com review of Bionic Woman

Posted in Personal by Will on Tuesday, September 11th, 2007 ~ 12am

Bionic Woman is being trashed by the advance geek squad (those who seem perpetually unsatisfied by anything), so, I adapted my earlier blog entry to form an Amazon.com unBox review. Here it is as it appears on Amazon.com:

Stronger, Faster… and no silly “bionic boing” sound effect! Excellent start!
By Will B (Cambridge, MA) – See all my reviews

As a “Battlestar Galactica” fan, I am thrilled to see one of the producers of “Galactica” is behind this remake of the Bionic Woman. I can say with great satisfaction that “Bionic Woman” is every bit as excellent as the previews were promising. The special effects were striking (but you may already know that from the previews). More importantly, the acting range from the lead is excellent. With the great emotional range of Michelle Ryan, this show could be bigger than, say, “Alias” (which was hampered a bit by a narrow acting range). I also was really pleased to see that Katee Sackhoff has wonderful line deliveries — since I’d only seen her as Kara “Starbuck” Thrace on “Battlestar” I honestly did not know if she could play other characters. Indeed she can, and it is wonderful to see her enjoying herself as a villain. The rest of the cast, aside from the lead’s love interest, didn’t appear much, so we’ll have to see more before we know how they gel. The look of the show is delightfully gritty.

The premiere episode is appropriately emotionally wrenching. Jamie is a woman about to enter her adult life, whose plans for a “normal” future are derailed suddenly. It is a credit to the writers that she is not invulnerable before she is bionic, and, as her new adversaries remind her, neither is she invulnerable after! But she is willing to persevere, to try to balance the darkness with every ounce of her strength. It’s a good ideal, and it needs a dark canvas for it to be portrayed authentically.

I think if NBC stays out of the way and lets Bionic Woman remain as intense as the pilot episode, they will have a hit. Networks may finally be learning from shows like “Galactica” and “Heroes” that when a producer has a passion for an imaginative series, the audience will love it if the producer is given a free hand.

I’ve seen some negative comments about the show, but I also remember how many people hated the new “Galactica”, too — and yet it built a strong audience in its first season and the second season was even stronger. Give this show a season, and see it build a generation of fans.

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