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Espresso Robin Hood?

Posted in Personal by Will on Saturday, February 5th, 2005 ~ 6pm

So my credit card got stolen again; I think this is the second time, maybe the third. This time the pattern of theft was quite different from last time (when my card number was evidently shared with many people across the country in some kind of organized crime deal) in that this time the theif only used it once, about two weeks ago, for a single purchase: An espresso machine.

But the thief evidently didn’t plan very well, because the order for the espresso machine was shipped as a gift to someone else who didn’t know where it came from. The recipient was a good enough samaritan to return it on the assumption is was just some kind of botch up.

Maybe the thief just forgot to tell his friend to expect a delivery. Or maybe the thief was some kind of coffee Robin Hood, sending espresso machines to strangers.

Update: My card statement finally arrived so I can see the full range of the thief’s activities. In addition to liking that espresso machine, the thief appears to be a total loser. No less than half a dozen Yahoo Personal (dating) accounts were set up at $20 per. Here’s a clue, thief: Friendster.com. It’s free. But somehow I doubt you’re going to get many dates if you use stolen credit cards as the basis for your dating life.

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