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Bandwidth Exceeded

Posted in Personal by Will on Tuesday, September 18th, 2007 ~ 10am

My website got suspended for several hours overnight due to exceeding my allocated bandwidth, but it will be back by the time you read this. The cause? Milla Jovovich. My favorite wallpaper, of Milla from one of her underwear ads, was experiencing a resurgence of interest due to next week’s release of Resident Evil: Extinction.

Not only was the image turning up in blog entries hither and yon, but one particular forum in Italy apparently set it to be their forum’s background image. Every page of their forum called my image forth. Tens of thousands of calls, so rapidly that I didn’t even get a warning that I was approaching my bandwidth limit; I simply blew past it. Or up to it, anyway, and then my humble website was suspended.

I still have FTP access, so I’ve removed my wallpapers from my personal homepage. This doesn’t mean I feel they aren’t worthy of sharing. I don’t feel they were risque (though granted, I made them a few years ago when I could be justifiably more juvenile). Her wallpaper was simply one of her underwear ads (or some sort of photo session involving her in sports underwear) remade into a widescreen wallpaper, and it was nothing that wouldn’t be seen in any issue of Vogue. Moreoever, it is with honesty that I say that she is one of my favorite actors, and she is a person I respect for her mind.

So I am sorry to see the image go. Maybe I can put it back as a zip file or something that won’t be easily displayed by other websites. Yes I think I’ll do that.

Jesus, look at that code. That page, the whole willbueche.com, was written so long ago, it is a wonder it holds together at all on modern browsers. I need to tear it down and replace it someday…but it would need a major rethink about what its point is.

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