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Futuristic Airplane Dream

Posted in Dream by Will on Tuesday, September 18th, 2007 ~ 11am

I dreamed it was a near future, or perhaps present day in a slightly more modern version of the world. I’d boarded a sleek airliner, one as large as a regular plane but with seating more akin to first class throughout the length of the tube. Some seats could swivel, as well. Additionally, sections of the ceiling of the plane was ribbed transparent plastic (or something stronger) so you could look up into the sky.

The plane was perhaps a third full to half full, and also on board was my friend from here in CO, K. She was seated on the right somewhere ahead of me; I was seated on the left.

The plane began to taxi in preparation for takeoff. It built momentum as it raced along the highway-like track with hills on either side, and I felt the takeoff was proceeding normally so I swiveled my seat to the side and paid no attention — until I realized that our upward angle was rapidly returning to an angle down. We’d hardly gone 500 yards before the pilot was evidently trying to land the plane again. If this was a crash, it was at least from only a few yards up, and we’d skid.

We skidded a long time and came to rest more or less in a straight line. If we’d gone off-angle the plane could have rolled, the wings could have come off and exploded. We were fortunate, but still fearful of explosion so we hastily existed.

A passenger bus had pulled up to the nose of the plane, and the captain of the bus was standing by the door, smiling, ready to take us via bus to our destination. I was suspicious. This bus was present only moments after we’d crashed? Before any emergency vehicles had arrived?

And why did he seem particularly interested in making sure K got off the plane and onto his bus? Was the bus driver part of a plot to get the plane down? It seemed likely. So I began protesting, asking the bus driver how he came to be here so suddenly. I made my concerns known to K, who I saw coming off the plane.

Then the dream turned into some kind of jealousy motiff, still starring K. Some kind of creature…not a dog, not a man, was expressing some kind of relationship to K, and K, if I recall correctly, was defending this as true. The details are lost on waking.

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  1. Sarah said,

    on September 19th, 2007 at 9:14 am

    I dreamt there was a door frame out in open space with no door in it or walls around it, and an animal trainer on one side in a giant tophat with big animals coming through the frame and doing weird tricks with each other: A baby elephant went through and the trainer asked, “What do you want to do, elephant?” and the elephant wanted to jump up and down on top of a tapir, so he did, hopping up on his back legs like a person and landing back down on all fours again. The tapir just stood there and his eyes turned red and bulged out every time the elephant landed. But first there was a tiger that spun around on top of hippo, and there were ostriches too, and lots of other animals. It was pretty sweet. But you couldn’t see the animals at all from the side of the door frame without the trainer, once they walked in they disappeared. But from the trainer side you could see them coming through the door from the other side AND all the tricks before they moved aside and let the next batch of animals in.

    Goddamn I love sleeping.

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