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Fuck You, Universal Home Video

Posted in Personal by Will on Thursday, September 20th, 2007 ~ 8pm

“There are limits. To the human body, to the human mind. Tolerances that you can’t push beyond. Well, those are facts. Provable facts! Everybody has their limit.” -Gaius Baltar

I’ve been really patient. Seems like everyone else has already watched downloads of season 3, but for many months I’ve told myself “just wait until Autumn, season 3 will be on DVD soon enough, do the right thing and wait for the DVDs”. And I’ve succeeded in being patient. But there are limits. Season 3 on DVD is reportedly being delayed until 2008. I can hold out until Black Friday (day after Thanksgiving, when everyone will be in stores looking to buy season 3), but not much longer than that.

Baltar’s words should resonate in the ears of the fools who think that delaying the DVD release of Season 3 won’t cause fans to drift away.

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