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Posted in Dream,Personal by Will on Friday, September 28th, 2007 ~ 11pm

Late evening sleep; off-kilter dream: I awoke in a parallel Earth where I could not tell the difference between strangers and people who knew me. I first found myself in a driveway at night, beside a van, the outside of which was printed with newspaper images, the inside of which produced noises of my daughter — I knew it was my daughter in this dream even though in real life I have none, and in this dream I did not know people — and her boyfriend having sex. She was probably 15 or so. I discretely moved away from their conversation, to the house.

Within my house I found people who I did not know but seemed to be either housemates or people who lived above or below me, or were perhaps people who were visiting. Some found it weird that I was confused, others assumed I was drunk. I made my way out the back porch and down to the lawn, and somehow made it into town where the sun rose and I again was confused. A cab driver picked me up and thought he was driving an intoxicated passenger back home. In the cab it finally occurred to me that I may have been having a stroke or something else that had affected my memory. Arriving back at the part of the city where I seemed to live, now at night again, I tried phoning myself for more information. My answering message revealed I was some kind of actor, and I use the term loosely, who was featured on a Japanese game show (in America) as a character who was routinely humiliated as part of the show. Though I felt a bit too old to be the voice on the machine, it at least provided some background information.

This latest bit of info lent weight to my belief that the reason I did not know the people who knew me was because this was not my world. However the sensation of not knowing people was most peculiar. It was not like seeing strangers who you have no interest in. It was like being at a party where you recognize many people and are curious about where the heck you know them from. There was also the sensation of being in a sort of daze, like a ringing in one’s ears, but without the sound.

Altogether an ugly dream. Except for the daughter bit. Good to see life go on.

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