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Hollywood Video by Whole Foods is closing

Posted in Personal by Will on Saturday, September 29th, 2007 ~ 7pm

Nice! Hollywood Video by the Whole Foods is closing and selling all their DVDs (all of them, right off the shelves) …and I found Salome’s Last Dance for $8, which I am now trying to sell on ebay for $100 — which may sound odd but that is actually less than the $160+ that it usually goes for. It is missing its insert but the disc had never been rented so it was in new condition. Ken Russell (the director) is a trip. I only knew this disc was rare because I own it myself, from years ago when it was not rare. Update: Yay, I sold it! Not quite for $100, but for $80+shipping.

For myself, I picked up David Bowie’s Best of Bowie 2-DVD music video collection. I didn’t really see anything else worth $8. And nothing else worth $100 either.

The store will be closing permanently once its shelves start getting bare; they told the employees 4 to 8 weeks but I think they’ll be locked up within a couple weeks. Looks like Netflix killed another one.

UPDATE: Not just the one in Boulder. Here’s the list of Colorado stores that are closing:
2100 28th St. (Boulder)
8031 Wadsworth Blvd. (Arvada)
3305 S. Broadway (Englewood)
5894 S. Zang St. (Littleton)
4515 John F. Kennedy Parkway (Fort Collins)

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