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Psychiatrist in Boulder?

Posted in Personal by Will on Thursday, October 11th, 2007 ~ 5pm

Anyone know an affordable psychiatric place in Boulder to get a Zoloft prescription? I don’t need one to chat with, just one who can appraise one’s need for less stress in a quick and superficial visit. AKA medication management. A coworker suggested a particular doctor but his prices are out-fucking-rageous — $275 for a visit, and for all that money his office does not even bother to file your insurance claim! “We do not bill insurance but we provide claim forms that you may use to file your claim for direct reimbursement”. So they have their priorities — pocketing tons of money, and doing very little work — and I have mine. And mine is to find a place that costs a hundred bucks or less. Heck I was used to paying a co-pay of $20 for a 20 minute check-in, a few years ago in another town. There’s no way I am going to drop $275. Even if my insurance gave me back half, I can’t condone such theft. Feel free to email reply if you don’t want the world to know you’re on Zoloft or Xanax or whatnot. Though I don’t think there’s anything uncommon about that anymore.

I left a message with “Colorado Medical Psychiatry” on Baseline, asking for them to call me back with their pricing. They have several doctors there. My health plan also mentions eight other psychiatrists within Boulder who are part of my health plan, but so far none have websites — and how can you trust a person who does not have a website?

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