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Tegan and Sara at Boulder Theater

Posted in Personal by Will on Sunday, November 4th, 2007 ~ 2am

Tegan & Sara were excellent. I hadn’t seen them before (besides pictures) so this was my first time to get an impression of their personalities. Tegan looked confident, and Sara, though possibly mistaken for less confident (possibly due to a cold she said she’d had for the past week), in fact ruled — Sara wouldn’t take shit from anyone, she lambasted the crowd for the chatty-Cathys in the audience. Deserved criticism, I may add (near me was a group of talkers I dubbed Meredith and Her Five Margaritas). Despite the chatter from the ruder members of the audience it was an awesome show and as always, I am glad I’ve held off listening to their new album The Con because it is always better to hear new stuff live first, imo; I’m always glad when this kind of timing occurs.

I mean of course they’re both highly confident — nine years on the road and all — but all I mean is despite being identical twins, Tegan and Sara do have differences in how they are and it was really fun to see that in person. (And now my “favorite” is Sara). (Oh, we have favorites now?). I loved the show, and the venue. I even loved that it was really loud.

Northern State was a fun opener, and if you’re old enough to remember that the Go-Gos were once considered a post-punk band, then imagine the early Go-Gos but with rap.

Here’s someone else’s review — not exactly sure if she’s talking about the same show since she mentions seats (and there are none at the Boulder theater). I think she’s describing a show from a week earlier, in San Diego. But the description of the show matches, anyway:

i dont remember if i addressed the Tegan & Sara concert
well, it was AMAZING
we had third row center seats
and wow, i can’t even explain it
they played all my favorite songs
and did a really good cover of umbrella
and sara came out by her self with an acoustic guitar
and didn’t plug it in
and sang walking with a ghost by herself without a microphone
shes amaaaaazing!
i love them more than ever, and i didn’t know that was possibleeee!
okay time to go to the street fair
i’m hopefully getting my nose pierced

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