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Gosh in Goshen

Posted in Personal by Will on Monday, November 5th, 2007 ~ 2pm

Another small town, another set of breasts in another pic shared online causes a local (national?) scandal — and another reason why it would make sense to eliminate all of these scandals by simply making it a requirement than anyone using the internet must provide at least one nude pic of themselves. Thus eliminating the fear experienced by actors and models and everyday citizens that they may risk losing a job if their pics start circulating. Now granted, this would also cause some problems and I haven’t thought it through too much, but, these situations are so common now that something ridiculous needs to be done so that the prudes who get upset about such things will need to get over themselves. I won’t bother to argue how hypocritical it is of the town to be upset about the photo when the people in question are cheerleaders, since it would be just as stupid for them to be upset if the people in question were nerds. People should be free to express themselves, and the mock-horror of nudity needs to be retired.

See story everywhere, and see a nearly-uncensored version of the pic here (external link)

This concludes my latest installment of “Shouldn’t I Be Working?”

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