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Posted in Personal by Will on Wednesday, November 14th, 2007 ~ 2pm

The advice I got from my doctor about what foods I should be eating to keep my anxiety from recurring included several foods I’d been advised to eat before which I’d eaten for a few years, but which I had fallen out of eating once I moved to Boulder.

I should resume eating spelt breads — which frankly taste pretty rough — and I should use Almond butter so I’ll store up vegetable fats in my liver and muscles, and I should resume eating oatmeal. Oddly, I’ve been told not to eat wheat, which is odd because “wheat bread” is always touted as being healthy.

Also I am supposed to not eat sugar, not even a glass of apple juice. “Can you eat two apples in ten seconds?” was his way of explaining why it wasn’t too unexpected that I couldn’t handle the amount of sugar that . Mind you I am not diabetic, it is just that my hypoglycemia causes my brain to react with an anxiety response as the sugar levels fluctuate too wildly from modern foods. I could eat a stalk of sugar cane, he explained, since that would take a long time. But refined sugars in drinks and foods, too fast.

I’ve also been advised to buy Omega3Mood, which is some kind of fish fat, which even the NIH says actually works and is not just some kind of legend. He explained that the NIH is the only agency that actually studies non-patented compounds, and they found that it regulates moods. I asked him to define “regulate” and he explained that it doesn’t mean it creates one’s mood, but rather it makes moods appropriate. I.e. if you’re happy, you’ll feel happy, rather than, say, agitated. 3 per day (one with each meal if you eat three meals per day).

Goatsmilk Yogurt, I’ve been told to eat (and told I can, because yogurt has no lactate). Update: Can’t find any at WholeFoods. Most had pictures of cows, not goats. Best review I saw: “It’s very good, and feels great in your mouth; it does have a slightly goaty aftertaste.”

Quinoa, some kind of grain with meat proteins, I can eat but frankly I wouldn’t know how to microwave it.

Amasake, a rice-based pudding-like snack, I’ve been told to try. Says it is in the dairy section. Update: It’s a drink, actually. There are brownrice based yogurts though, and I tried one and it was ok.

Almonds for snack food will add vegetable proteins that I need.

Anyway I have a shopping list and beyond that I need to do some net research to get more extensive menu selections.

The purpose here is to stabilize my blood sugar so that my brain settles into a routine in which it does not respond with anxiety. Eventually, my brain will be so used to responding properly — i.e. without anxiety — that I will not need any Paxil (unless something triggers my brain back to anxiety again, in which case, Paxil). But for now, for the first several months or years, I will use both diet and Paxil.

Oh and he told me I need to exercise so my muscles will store glucose, which again will help regulate my sugar. I won’t crave a cookie if I have stored glucose. I really liked that he said I should start out with only 5 or 6 minutes of exercise, since that is indeed what I found I could do after months of not using my stationary bike. He said that was fine, and that I should only do “a third” or what I expected I could do, to avoid accidentally going non-aerobic.

All that said, if I don’t find that I actually *like* some of the foods that were suggested, I’ll have difficulty adapting.

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  1. Kathy Kit Vaquilar said,

    on November 17th, 2007 at 9:30 am

    Sounds like you’re on the right food track to stay away from foods that ail you. Just recovered from a bad bug or else it was food poisoning. Didn’t eat for 3 days and my skin looks better, but going back to old eating habits is made worse by working in an environment that doesn’t make eating well very easy.

    Did a cleanse when I lived in San Diego and it made a difference, but what to eat is such a constant dilemma and staying away from things we crave is so hard, especially when it’s so easy to reach for.

    Good luck with the diet or eating lifestyle. I’m still trying to stay on the right track, but it’s a struggle. I sorely love dairy products and sugar, but I can tell the difference when I do and don’t eat them.

  2. Will said,

    on December 19th, 2007 at 11:32 pm

    Thanks! By the way the lead actor in that movie you sent me was so believable! The entire short film was great, but he really sold it. Brilliant casting.

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