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Not Without a GelCap

Posted in Personal by Will on Wednesday, November 14th, 2007 ~ 6pm

Slight dammit. I bought the Omega3Mood gelcaps, or “softgels” as they call them, and they’re too large for me to eat! They’re nearly an inch across, larger than my throat is wide. If one goes down at an angle, I’d be choking. So, proactive person as I am, I quickly wrote an email to the company to ask them to please remember that not everyone has a giant neck, and to please come out with a version small enough for everyone to swallow. Though there may be enough people who can deepthroat these things, I can’t be the only one who sees the size of these things and decides its just not for me.

I tried bursting one of the gelcaps and the inside is, well it is fish oil so it tastes like fish and it instantly coats your mouth with oil. Not sure how much gets swallowed when it is coating your mouth. (This is sounding more like porn with every word). And then, since the fish smell, you need to brush your teeth. Yes, it is porn now.

Update: In what I presume must be dry humor, the company wrote back and advised me not to burst the gelcaps because they may present a choking hazard. Though I only meant I’d pour it into my mouth, I wouldn’t eat the gelcap. They wrote “We do not recommend opening the capsule because it may be a choking hazard,” and they added that the fish oil “may burn when swallowed.” I don’t think the fish oil is any more acidic than salad dressing, but I’ll do some research. They need to just shrink the darn caps down.

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