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Bionic Woman Gets Sacked

Posted in Personal by Will on Wednesday, November 21st, 2007 ~ 12pm

Oh, well. There goes Bionic Woman. It hasn’t been canceled (yet), but the best part of the show, the part of the show that had an actual storyline, won’t be able to continue because Katee Sackhoff (who played the demented first bionic woman Sarah Corvus) does not want to return to the show.

Here’s the details, courtesy of another blog:

Katee Sackhoff is done with Bionic Woman, and not just because of the strike. She has a meeting with one of the producers after Thanksgiving, but does not expect to return to the show even if it does resume production (which I don’t personally believe will happen anyway). She is even already trying to divorce herself from being associated with Sarah Corvus. Katee never came out and explicitly stated the reason for her departure from the show, but her thinly veiled sassy comments made it pretty apparent that there isn’t a lot of love going on between her and Michelle Ryan.”

I can’t blame Sackhoff, not at all. Even if Ryan was not peeved that Sackhoff got the best buzz (which I presume was the root of the interpersonal conflict) the show has devolved from an intriguing dark and gritty action/drama into something without substance. When the two bionic women were part of the show, it gave the story mythic proportions. Without that, it is just a lightweight spy show. I’d love to read an interview with [executive producer] Eick in which he explains why he couldn’t protect the original concept of the show, why it went from dark to light, why it lost so many of its creative staff, and its main storyline (and now, its best actress?) — a situation that Katee described as a “clusterfrak”.

Update: The blogger’s account has been said to be an exaggeration. Here’s a partial transcript of what Katee actually said:

“Bionic Woman on the other hand, (clapping) um, thank you, um I don’t know what’s gonna happen with that one. I’m not even really like on the show anymore. I’m having a sit down with one of the new show runners in a couple of weeks or something like that to discuss future on the show. I don’t know what’s gonna happen with that you know. Battlestar has such a following that it does make sense for them to finish it. Bionic Woman on the other hand is such an expensive show and the ratings are (Katee makes a raspberry noise). That was one of my questions: ‘Who knows why Bionic Woman isn’t doing well’ (audience shouts ‘no Katee’) *she shrugs* I didn’t say that. I don’t know what will happen.”

Another blogger wrote:

“Let’s see – No, she didn’t seem all that thrilled with Bionic Woman, but no, she certainly didn’t ever mention Michelle Ryan, even obliquely. Mostly she just joked (but not really) about how she unfair it was that so many people now knew her from the show and not from Battlestar Galactica, and she wanted to steer them over to the better show.”

I also gotta love that she signed an autograph “Frak you. Love, Starbuck”.

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