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2nd and 1st Draft of ILM website

Posted in Personal by Will on Wednesday, November 28th, 2007 ~ 6pm

I’m working on a website for Intuitive Life Movement, and here’s what I’ve come up with so far. It is my second design; my first was not worth showing off.

Each page will have a different color, a different photo, and different text of course. Oh, and the happy face is not their real logo, they just haven’t finished their real logo yet. They provided the photos of the person holding the poses, and then I am adding landscapes or seascapes or skies behind them. Different pose and different landscape each page is the intent. The above is just a mock-up I made while I was at work today, it is not functional.

Oh, ok, do you want to see the shitty design I came up with first, the one I don’t like? Below:

The problem with that design is that the name of the company and the logo are shunted off to the left side, removed from the main imagery. It didn’t work. And the straight lines were too rigid for something that is supposed to be about movement. There was also wasted space under the logo which one would probably fill with clutter. So I disavow that one.

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