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Adam and the Ants reissued in the UK

Posted in Personal by Will on Sunday, July 25th, 2004 ~ 6pm

Just a head’s up that the first 3 Adam & the Ants albums have been released this month in the UK after extensive remastering by bassist Marco, and they’re only available via Amazon.co.uk, and they’re absolutely worth importing. They’ve never sounded smoother, and the gatefold packaging is truly impressive. I’ve owned, let’s see, four versions of Kings of the Wild Frontiers over the years as I’ve searched for a version that wasn’t buried in hiss and mud. The sound quality on this latest one is a massive improvement. Massive. As good as the original vinyl. Link to Amazon.co.uk. And at only £5.97 each they’re equivalent to the regular US price of a typical CD, even in this bad economy. Later this year, 3 more will be released, and so on, until they’re all out, each remastered and with lots of demos and thingees.

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