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Enterprise Reunited

Posted in Personal by Will on Sunday, February 13th, 2005 ~ 11pm

Just saw part three of Enterprise’s three-part story arc, and it was indeed the finest of the season, in an already superior season.

So much so that I will make a prediction now.

In three years or so, the Star Trek that returns… will be the one that is leaving now.

It will take a few years for people to buy the box sets and realize what they had. And a few years during which the actors will hopefully have other satisfying work. And then they will be coaxed back – whether for a feature film or a mini series I do not know – but they will be back. The Enterprise crew will reunite. It is going to be just like when the original series went off the year and then was brought back years later.

Except this time instead of Gene Roddenberry it is Manny Coto* that people will want back.

The sets will be rebuilt, and when the film (or whatever it is) is a hit people will shake their heads in astonishment that this Trek was ended prematurely.

*(Coto is the creative person who is making season four of Enterprise so much superior to the first three seasons.)

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