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The internet is breathing

Posted in Personal by Will on Monday, December 3rd, 2007 ~ 2pm

Seems that our internet provider is throttling our house’s internet connection. It has that distinctive rise and fall every few minutes (the falls being when service cuts out completely) that is reported to be how they are preventing people from downloading more than they feel a household should. I’d heard that they were being sued for interrupting people’s signals so I thought they wouldn’t bring this throttling to Boulder, but this explains why they were tinkering with everything a couple weeks ago (there were outages all over town). When I heard about this technology I thought it was smart enough to throttle only downloads of torrent content and leave everything else untouched, but our experience is that it does not distinguish between torrents and other content. When it falls, everything in our house goes off — web pages, streaming video, music, instant messenger, everything. And then it rises a minute later and we can do all that again. And then it falls, like breathing.

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