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CD covers not on iTunes – Addendum

Posted in Music,Personal by Will on Monday, December 17th, 2007 ~ 2pm

I knew this would happen eventually… iTunes is now having artists submit their art at a minimum size of 1425×1425 instead of 600×600. They’re apparently planning ahead to make sure that the covers look good on iTunes’ interface as viewed on large monitors, as well as on the tiny iPod screens. For the moment, 600×600 remains the maximum size you can manually import, so the 1425×1425-or-greater requirement appears to be an effort on the part of Apple to future-proof their cover-art collection. Until Apple increases the size you can manually import into iTunes, 600×600 will serve you well. But anyone who scans their own cover art should start scanning at, say, 1600×1600 from now on.

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