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Denial of service attack of some kind?

Posted in Personal by Will on Monday, February 14th, 2005 ~ 2pm

Whoo hoo! My Personal web page is Google image search’s number one result for searches of “avril lavigne butt”!

I am trying to pin down why my unique visitors exploded into the stratosphere in mid-January, and that’s one thing I discovered. Still, it doesn’t seem enough to explain how I went from about 200 visitors each month to in excess of 5,000.

At first I thought there was a problem with my blog software, but I hadn’t updated my blog until a couple weeks after the sudden increase. Nonetheless I’ve disabled comments and the works.

I am currently hard at work trying to plug any leaks on my site, any leeching or hotlinking that may be going on. Somehow, my site is receiving thousands more hits than it should be getting. And I don’t think Avril Lavigne’s butt has anything to do with it.

I’ve renamed some of my directories, to try to stop any hotlinks, but when I checked in this a.m., my bandwidth was still through the stratosphere. By far the majority of visits are under 30 seconds in duration – 90%. So I’d assume that some machine is purposefully, maliciously hitting my site many times each minute.

About 9,000 visits to my Personal page so far this month. There’s nothing much ON my Personal page. Some wallpapers. It doesn’t make sense.

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