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Good-good vs evil-evil

Posted in Dream by Will on Sunday, December 23rd, 2007 ~ 12pm

Sometimes dreams make it easy. In this exchange between myself and a woman, our personas were clearly defined:

Me: I’m good-good.
She: I’m good-evil.

We were perched up in the rafters of a classical concert hall that had been taken over by evil-evil people. I’d flown up to see what was going to happen and to possibly confront the situation — though it was a bit of a risk to fly up to such a high location as these rafters because when one pushes off, it sometimes takes a few seconds for the flying ability to kick in — making for a rather silly looking fall at first. Anyway, this good-evil person flew in and joined me a few minutes later, to observe, and possibly just enjoy herself. Since she was part evil she wasn’t committed to stopping the evil-evil people. Indeed, a few minutes into the proceedings, when someone on stage had part of their leg hacked off by someone wearing a gold costume, she got aroused and got flirty with me.

Skip to an earlier part of the dream, where the evil-evil people took over a smaller stage theater — possibly the Academy Awards or something, and the leader was an insane woman rather like Batman’s Joker. She and her minions took everyone hostage, and then took a few of us including myself to be in-studio audience at a weather forecast show she was staging. We were all frightened. She didn’t like the way my hair looked on camera so she had a henchman shave most of my hair off and put a bowler hat on me for a Clockwork Orange feel. The weather forecast was to be broadcast on television as a sort of way to scare the public, who would think at first it was a regular news program. Again, rather Joker-ish.

My lifelong friend J was there too, and later on she was taken away on her own and I was concerned for her life. I ran through a warehouse type building, dark and creepy, until I emerged at a pool. There appeared to be copies of her floating and submerged in the water, but these were only statues based on her. The living her was on the far edge of the pool, being forced to pose so that these statues could appear. She was not being harmed though, beyond being frightened. So she sort of waved me away with her eyes.

That is when I went to the big theater and flew up, with the intent to possibly confront this insane leader.

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