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Reality tv in my dream

Posted in Dream by Will on Tuesday, January 1st, 2008 ~ 11am

I dreamed of a reality tv show (due to so many reality tv shows replacing dramas during this writers’ strike). The reality show I dreamed of involved voting for a woman’s boyfriend. The show’s structure was that it introduced a woman who was dating two men, and couldn’t decide between them who to commit to. The show would then follow each of the two men and the viewing audience would vote for who they felt was best. Granted this is similar to an existing show in which strangers are filmed on dates, but this was rather different in that these were existing couples, er, triangles, and moreover it was different in that cameras would document the men on their own, as they went food shopping, or other seemingly mundane activities to better ascertain their personalities. For a few moments of this dream I was one of these men, rounding the corners of a supermarket, a few items in my hands, grabbing a small box of Cheerios.

Although each segment focused on one woman, the show was actually broken up into several groups of women, each group representing a 6-year age span. So you had the 17-23, 24-29, 30-35, and the 36-41. And each group had five or six women, and I think the first round of the audience voting was actually deciding which of the women were interesting enough to watch, because in my dream the 17-23 year olds were playing around for the cameras and laughing, and one was down on her knees giving head to another girl’s hand and the other girls were laughing and saying they’d found the winner. Perhaps more likely, the winner is the woman who the viewers felt made the wisest decision, since the women were free to choose whoever they wanted, regardless of what the audience felt was the best choice. The cameras would come back several months later for an epilogue, to see if they were still together.

Really not a remarkable dream, it was simply a very authentic reproduction of reality tv.

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