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Rabbit Ears bring High-Def

Posted in Personal by Will on Wednesday, January 2nd, 2008 ~ 1pm

Despite being up on technology, I was somehow surprised to discover that high-def channels are actually available free through the air, and they broadcast in widescreen when they have widescreen shows. The quality is sometimes better than DVD, since DVDs have only 480 lines of resolution but these high-def channels have 720 lines of resolution. It is kind of exciting.

Boulder seems to get two or three digital channels through the rabbit ears, including Fox and CW. But the major networks are missing — NBC is particularly missed since our house watches “Chuck” on NBC and would like to see it clearly. But NBC doesn’t seem to have a high-def channel in Boulder. Channel 9 is the analog broadcast, but there’s no digital broadcast alongside it. Some web searching indicates that there is one, or was one, but perhaps it is such a weak signal that it cannot be detected. Does anyone in Boulder get a digital version of channel 9’s NBC through the antennae?

Update, I got a reply from KUSA:

Dear Mr. Bueche;

KUSA does indeed have a digital signal on air however, it is currently low powered, is transmitted from Republic Plaza in downtown Denver, and is most likely terrain-shielded from your location.

We do anticipate transmitting from Lookout Mountain in the early Spring this year. Since you are able to receive Fox and CW you should be able to receive KUSA as well.

As we approach the completion of construction of the new site at Lookout Mt. we will have announcements on-line and on-air along with more specific dates.

Mike Dant
RF Manager


After sharing this news with others on a tech forum, the date of 5-18-2008 was suggested as a possibility, based on some permits.

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