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Docu drama

Posted in Personal by Will on Friday, January 11th, 2008 ~ 1pm

Is this stress or excitement? There’s so many things going on, on the front of my being a board member of a particular author’s organization. There is a documentary film underway, using some very important archival footage, which the board must arbitrate the marketing of. And for the past week those of the board who are here in Boulder have had the sense that our ideas of how the film should be marketed may be entirely different than what the rest of board, and the co-producer of the film itself, may have in mind. I am eager to get the differences resolved. I’ve actually received some good news this morning from the editor (really more than an editor, director would be more accurate since he is really shaping the film) and once I can relate this info to others I’ll be in a much more stable state of mind. But that is hours away.

Update: And just to prove it is a rare confluence of activity, today a publisher related that they want to reprint a book related to this. I quickly dug up a compilation of blurbs that I’d compiled about 8 years ago that went unused the last time the book was in print, came up with some suggestions about who should write a new forward, and reminded everyone that there’s a few typos that have to be kept out of any new edition. This is exceptionally strange.

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