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Weird Vibes

Posted in Personal by Will on Thursday, January 24th, 2008 ~ 1pm

I am sure I’ve blogged before about how I’ll sometimes see someone in a crowd and just be sort of overwhelmed (on an inner level) by some sort of sense of how enticing they are. I’m starting to think that my being flustered is not as simple as their appearance. What it feels like is that I am sensitive to some people’s personalities, or to be more precise, some particular kinds of personalities I just sort of recognize on some sort of psychic level (I’m not sure what to call it), and am immediately flustered and beguiled when in their presence. But how does one know someone’s personality without knowing them? There’s where the theory loses its ground, and I can only say that this is what it feels like. It could be my imagination. I can’t say there’s any proof — except the other day. A woman in line at the post office just ahead of me who was making my heart pound and causing me to question whether I was standing too far or too near (in order to appear casual) got on her cell phone, thus revealing tons about her life that pretty much just confirmed why I’d become so a-flutter even as I approached the line. She was a short, pale, black-haired young woman in jeans, with some kind of simulated crocodile-skin shoulder bag, not obviously stunning but making the most of herself with her hair dyed black and a certain punky attitude just exuding from her. Her phone conversation appeared to be a girl friend who was telling her that one their friends had inadvertently slept with a guy without protection and now believed she may be pregnant. Her first question was “well was he cute?”. Because obviously if you’re going to have an unplanned child, that’s most important, right? The conversation went on from there but the point was that this girl’s priorities were way out of whack. And that out-of-whackness was being broadcast, not just from her phone conversation, but was just radiating from her. I expect that just like in psychic communication, you only pick up what you are listening for. And since I happen to be listening for people who are too-quick to fall into bed, that is what I pick up on and what makes me all fluttery. It is a neat experience. And yes, so what if I am weird. So are you. Whoever you are. Every one is, in their own way.

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