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Posted in Personal by Will on Friday, January 25th, 2008 ~ 12am

I’d long ago decided to wait until the Motorola RIZR Z8 was available before I changed phone providers, but my current Sprint phone is starting to die, so, I may just have to get a RIZR Z3 instead. I really, really liked the Battlestar-Galactica-y look of the Z8, but it seems no carrier in America picked it up. The less cool Z3 is available in metallic blue or metallic rose (red). I am not sure which color I should have. The rose color is actually marketed as a “her” phone and the blue as a “his” phone on the Motorola website. How sexist. I’d probably get the rose. There’s a silver version with WiFi coming out at the end of January (dubbed the “Marco”), so maybe I can hold out for that — if the WiFi is a free connection to my house’s router, then that would be worth waiting for so I could check email and stuff without my notebook. But the price might be different I suppose. Higher.

Oh, here’s the problem. 5 minutes after starting to charge the battery the phone thinks it has completed charging it, and gives up. I hope it doesn’t burst into flames overnight.

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