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It's Your Call With Lynn Doyle

Posted in Personal by Will on Tuesday, January 29th, 2008 ~ 9pm

The show went well. I was, unfortunately, slated to go first. This meant I did not know in advance what the pace of the show was. But despite this I think I did alright. It gets repeated at midnight (Eastern Time) so I’ll tune in and see. I was on via telephone, and I noticed (via the computer stream) that they used the pic I sent. (They also promoted Dr. Mack’s book, as I’d hoped).

When I was called yesterday to be a guest, I recommended that they get Dr. Lynne Kitei on (because the story that prompted the show was some kind of sighting that was similar to a sighting that Dr. Kitei had reported on), and I was pleased to see that they had indeed invited her. (In fact I’d suggested they invite her and disinvite me, since I haven’t had a ufo sighting and haven’t any interest in such things).

There was also a dyed-in-the-wool skeptic who, in what must have been a moment of self-indulgent humor, used the old “it’s the planet venus” explanation after a caller’s most un-Venus-like description. I appreciated the absurdity, which I am sure was intentional.

Then there was a middle of the road skeptic, but a skeptic who doesn’t want to be pronounced a fool some years after he’s gone. He trod the softer road, where he grants that something is happening, but that it’d be irresponsible to conjecture what it may be. Even if people are saying “hey, I met an alien, which part of conjecture is that again?”.

Also on the program was a guy who I’ve never seen smile, who steadfastly asserts that because there are so many reliable witnesses of ufos, including plenty of military people, there must be a cover-up of the truth. Personally I think there’s only a cover-up of ignorance — the “government” (whatever that even means!) denies all knowledge because they have no knowledge to deny. They’re frakking idiots. The average experiencer knows more, much more. Even if what they know is a bit fuzzy around the edges.

Number of pages of notes I prepared: 5. Number of pages I used: 1.

Update: I just watched the show, and I think I did well in both pace and content, with the exception of not being ready to answer a question about what the beings say. I hadn’t prepared anything for that question, and started to give an answer which I didn’t want to finish. Not a question easily answered because these experiences are so personal. They delve into relationships, sex, and even stranger, the concept of the soul and incarnation. Not easy material to speak up about on a talk show. Better suited to writing.

I tried to record the stream but it did not work. This laptop is not really suited to multimedia. I heard the show may send me a disc though, so, maybe I’ll be able to post a clip later.

2nd Update, Feb 11: Something I did not write up in this blog entry at the time, but which I feel I must record before it passes from my attention, is this: When I told the story of the “panthers” in my room to the host of the program, I accessed more of that memory. Someone else might say I unintentionally created more of a narrative when put in a situation in which I had to tell the story in a story-like form. But I believe that it is as likely that when put in a situation when I had to tell the story in a story-like form, I triggered whatever cells had recorded details that would be useful to tell the story. Unprompted, I’d maybe never have been compelled to revisit this. But thanks to the show… the detail I got was the face of one of the two beings. And, in part, why I thought they were panthers. Although I was always aware that one of them appeared to be hunched over, rummaging through my bedside table, in telling the story this was the first time I saw clearly how close I was to the being’s face, since my pillow was only a couple feet from the bedside table. What I now recalled clearly, in telling the story, was it’s black face, with black eyes (entirely black) that bulged, comparatively, and were lower by perhaps a full inch than on a human head. When I saw this face, I was revolted and fearful, and aware of its irritation at my having looked at it (as it thought I’d stay asleep). And in searching my mind for what was familiar, the compact face of a black panther was the closest I could come to, though I do not mean to imply they had a panther’s face — no fur, no cat-like nose, no whiskers. Simply a compact, black face, with skin not fur. I think the nose area was more like another brow — the lack of a prominent nose may further account for why the eyes appear to bulge. As I’ve said before, their crinkled cloaks and hoods were disregarded, though certainly not unnoticed, as my fear of being mauled by panthers took instinctual precedent over intellectual recognition that these were not panthers. Furthermore, I’d noted previously that they were about four feet tall. I encountered their kind again, again appearing as a pair, another time. Sometimes I encountered taller hooded beings in blue cloaks which I can’t be 100% sure were the same species, as I never saw their faces.

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  1. Kathy Kit Vaquilar said,

    on January 31st, 2008 at 1:59 am

    Darn! I don’t have cable, Will, but I’m sure you did fine. Yes, do add that posted clip or a link to your blog so I can listen in. I just learned about this show from reading my e-mail from PRG tonight and thought I’d check here to see what you’d have to say.

    Your experience reminds me of when another local cable show in SF (CNET) had me on almost a decade ago. I think it was my first time then and I was a newbie to the field then. I was on first to talk about my experience not knowing the debunker was going to be Seth Shostak from CSETI. However, UFO Editor Don Ecker blew Seth out of the water. Don was so good. Seth was ready to take me on when I met him for the first time at the station, but I told him I wasn’t going to argue with him. I was there to just talk about my experiences. He was so arrogant and Don was so warm. However, I have been fortunate to have seen UFOs and I miss seeing them and the experiences, but the so-called “real” world has distractingly overtaken my time again as I pursue work in order to regain my foot in financial balance again.

    Times today are not what they were before the 21st Century where Bush and his cohorts have ruined life for so many of us, but I hope this election will bring in a Democrat instead of a Republican, but that’s another story.

  2. Will said,

    on January 31st, 2008 at 4:23 pm

    I just did the usual that they always ask for, which is a sample experience, and then a few thoughts on it. Anyone could have done it, as the RPG guy said, there’s tens of thousands of people who’ve had this. But I will post the clip when I get it. Dr Lynne Kitei wrote me afterwards and told me this was actually her first on-camera appearance! Though she came through like a pro so I guess she’s had practice on radio.

    You are terribly brave to appear on a tv show with debunkers. I couldn’t do it. You’d have to control your desire to throttle them. I would find myself shaking if I tried to control that. So, I just don’t.

    The real world (as its dubbed) is my main focus as well, for the past few years. But now and then, when I think about it, I miss them terribly too.

    Re politics, I wrote somewhere recently that I am tired of expecting bad things, like Republicans, to happen. I want things like Obama winning to *not* be a surprise, but rather, to happen as surely as rain, simply because it should be what happens. Good people need to be in control. So, let’s hope.

  3. Kathy Kit Vaquilar said,

    on February 2nd, 2008 at 2:12 pm

    I didn’t know who Seth Shostak was at that time so it was a learning experience. Don was the one who did the arguing with Seth so I wasn’t worried. Don is the former editor of UFO Magazine and he was excellent in the debate.

    I’m surprised that that was Dr. Lynne’s first time on TV. I know she’s done film before with her documentary, but with film, there are edits. Live appearances are difficult. I almost was on the Larry King Show after a group of us appeared in Sci Fi’s “Abduction Diaries” a few years ago, but 9-11 and the war on Iraq interrupted the producers’ decision to have us on — the timing was soooooo bad. Looking back, we were also adamant that we not be shown with a debunker and to be made to look like fools. I think that also must have put them off about having us on the program.

    Times have changed where I think there is more sympathy with those who have had experiences. Thank the Universe for continued mass sightings. The debunkers will always be there, but as time continues, they are looking more and more like the arrogant fools to the general public. I think a lot of folks believe UFOs, ETs and those related experiences exist, but I think it’s the fear factor that is harder to get rid of in their minds, especially in our fear-based society run by warmongers. Many people are curious, but still scared of not being the top creatures in control on the totem pole, and that’s what holds a lot of folks back from being more open in general.

    Anyway, I think our country is tired of the warmongers and want a change. The news is speculating a Clinton-Obama ticket. Now that would be exciting!

    However, I’m still voting for Kucinich in CA, even though he’s out. Corporate media treated him so badly and are afraid of him. Those in power want to see him go and there’s a campaign to oust him from Congress too by those same corporate interests. Kucinich has a lot of integrity, is truly pro-peace and is an experiencer, so I support him also for that, even if his chances of winning aren’t there. He’s the one who got the ball rolling on impeaching Cheney too. So it’s my statement and conscience vote, but I’ll definitely support a Democrat candidate in the general election.

    Of the two, I think Obama has the better international perspective than Clinton does. I’m glad he took a stand on peace. It’s too bad that Clinton didn’t and I do think she’s more of a sell out. Unfortunately, I don’t think either candidate has a better position on universal health care. The insurance companies will not go away quietly.

    That’s something when the Kennedy’s back Obama. Maybe Teddy wants a seat on the cabinet (chuckle), but I wouldn’t mind that. Then it would be so cool to have an Obama-Oprah ticket. This will be an exciting election again and I hope it turns in our favor. Enough with the Republicans! Ron Paul wouldn’t be able to turn them around at all.

    I agree — good people should be in control — at all levels of society.

  4. Theodore said,

    on February 11th, 2008 at 12:33 pm

    I watched the show the day that she was talking about ufos.I used to watch anything related to this subject.I have recently come to the realization that unless the information is distributed by blog or live stream video (within 24 hours of discover ) the information will be censored by the fcc if its telling us something that our(protectors) don’t want us to know.I like how there always a skeptic in these conversation who either says the government is keeping it a secret b,cuz its a special project,but yet they have not showed us that this is a technology in which they are in control of.

  5. Will said,

    on February 11th, 2008 at 1:09 pm

    No doubt, skepticism is harder to enforce, partly because of new media, and partly just because every generation is smarter than the last.

  6. Kathy V said,

    on November 24th, 2008 at 7:13 am

    You know quite a few years ago I saw something similar while I was staying at a UFO filmmaker friend’s house in Oakland. It had that panther-like description too: no hair, walking on twos, skinny, black skin. However, the eyes were yellow and cat-like and the head was round. The ears weren’t prominent, but it looked like a weird, tall, bipedal, skinny, black cat to me and it walked through the living room where I was sleeping, but as soon as it saw me looking at it, it quickly slipped through the locked sliding glass window kind of like a shadow. It reminded me of those Egyptian cat gods without clothes.

    Interestingly, my friend decided to go to Egypt after that and when he came home a stray cat was hanging out in his apartment. The cat and I don’t get along after I told him I knew who he was. He splits every time he sees me.

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