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Finance and Foul

Posted in Personal by Will on Friday, February 1st, 2008 ~ 7pm

It is said it is not polite to talk about money. Fuck that I am talking about money. To myself anyway. Ever since I bought the tv and had those doctors appointments to get on stress meds I can’t seem to catch my bank account back up. I’ve pretty much stopped buying anything I don’t need, except groceries. And I got myself a new ring. I haven’t been getting cash-back when I buy groceries. And the making of my own sandwiches continues. I suppose my phone dying and needing replacement was a large part of what has caused me not to catch back up yet. But it is still discouraging. There’s a certain level of savings at which I feel extra “safe”. And I am not back at that level yet.

The psych who fills my med prescription says he is required to see me every three months in order to refill the prescription. “See” = $130. He suggested I transfer that duty to my family physician, who is only obligated to see me once a year. I don’t have such a person, but I guess I’ll call up the doctor who once checked a pulled muscle and say “hey, can you write my prescription from now on?”. That doesn’t sound and look suspicious, does it? bureaucracy is so foul.

Update: I am going to do this. I found the phone number of the doctor who I saw for a pulled muscle. I also have paperwork. I feel organized. In three months, I will hopefully only have to pay a copay rather than a specialist’s full price.

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