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Lemonheads reissue

Posted in Personal by Will on Sunday, February 3rd, 2008 ~ 5pm

Oooh I want this. Truth be told, Evan Dando is a better songwriter than Paul Westerberg (shudder, how dare I say so — well, I will dare).

The Lemonheads’ ‘Ray’ Lives Again
January 22, 2008, 4:10 PM ET
Katie Hasty, N.Y.
As expected, Rhino is releasing a remastered and expanded version of the Lemonheads’ 1992 album “It’s a Shame About Ray” on March 25.

The double-disc set includes a bonus DVD, “Two Weeks In Australia,” containing live performances and music videos from the ’90s alt-rock band. The film compilation was formerly released in 1993 on VHS.

The audio collection features previously unreleased demo versions of some songs, plus the b-side “Shaky Ground” — 23 songs total, up from the original 13 tracks.

Lemonheads frontman Evan Dando recently told Billboard he is hoping to hit the studio this month, with an eye on a spring album release for Vagrant.

Here is the track list for “It’s a Shame About Ray”:

“Rockin Stroll”
“It’s A Shame About Ray”
“My Drug Buddy”
“The Turnpike Down”
“Bit Part”
“Alison’s Starting To Happen”
“Hannah & Gabi”
“Ceiling Fan In My Spoon”
“Frank Mills”
“Mrs. Robinson”

Bonus Material:
“Shaky Ground”
“It’s A Shame About Ray” (demo)
“Rockin Stroll” (demo)
“My Drug Buddy” (demo)
“Hannah & Gabi” (demo)
“Kitchen” (demo)
“Bit Part” (demo)
“Rudderless” (demo)
“Ceiling Fan In My Spoon” (demo)
“Confetti” (demo)


“It’s A Shame About Ray” (video)
“Ride With Me” (live)
“Mrs. Robinson” (video)
“Being Around” (video)
“Alison’s Starting To Happen” (live)
“Hannah & Gabi” (video)
“Half The Time” (video)
“Rockin Stroll” (video)
“Confetti” (video)
“It’s About Time” (live)
“My Drug Buddy” (video)

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